Skincare routine for beautiful skin!

Who doesn't want a clear and beautiful skin, everyone does! Having clean skin doesn't come easily. You have to give your time, effort and a little bit of money for that. Time counts more than money here, because it's not just the expensive products you use on your skin but actually, its about time you give for your face regime. Want to know more on that?
Well, as already hinted, skincare is a routine process which shouldn't be skipped for long. There are some steps which you should consider:

1. Cleanser

If the skin is not clean enough then all the other steps below would be ineffective.  So, it's a really important step you should not skip. If your face has make-up on, then a single cleanse would not be enough. Its needed that you double cleanse. Double cleanse doesn't mean you do the same thing twice. Actually, first all those colors and chemicals should be removed. You can either use cleansing oil and a cotton pad to erase them manually, or use make-up remover sheets.
After either of the option, wash your face with a face wash foam. I'm here recommending face wash foam because it is really gentle to your skin. For the make-up removing part, start with the area if your face that has most of the make up on, i.e. the eye area, follow with cheeks, the t-zone and then, the rest of the face. If your skin on the eye area is sensitive and you want to be extra protective then, you can use make-up remover sheets specially made for removing eye make-up.
The second step in cleansing, i.e. washing; you should first start with oily to driest part of your face. That would be t-zone first and then cheeks for last.

2. Toner/Lotion

Call it a toner or lotion, this would be the next step after you wash your face. It helps to remove the residue dirt your face wash would have left. It also balances the skin PH and helps to reduce pores. Some toners will also help moisturize your skin. While applying you can use a cotton ball to lightly put it all over your face, or just use your hands and gently press it against your skin so that you'd feel the product going deep inside.

3. Essence/Serum

Serum/Essence goes deeper into the skin where even moisturizers cannot reach. Serums help reduce skin problems and imperfections.

4. Cream/Moisturizer

Cream or moisturizers help activate the serum. This helps your skin get extra moisturize it needs. Applying cream or moisturizers completes your daily skin care routine.

5. Exfoliate

Exfoliation removes the dirt from your skin that are deep inside. This really clears your skin and open up pores but this not something you should do regularly but about twice a week. Exfoliating is done after washing your face.

6. Face Masks

Your face needs hydration and extra moisture. Twice a week give your face a mask moisture. There are various masks in the market like serum masks, moisture masks. You can use any of them or as per your skin needs, or just use them both alternately.

7. Vitamin-E for Under your Eyes

This can't be skipped as those lines, those bags under your eyes are the most crucial ones. They are the prominent ones that show up because of tiredness, or sleeplessness and the most sensitive ones. Apply Vitamin-E creams regularly. You should be careful not to apply much pressure so just use your 4th finger or middle finger but be sure to be very gentle. You can just dab the both fingers gently while applying.

8. Natural remedies or Masks

Natural remedies are the best ones for your skin.
But as you can not always go natural because of the time consumed while preparing,
Its better to use natural supplements for the steps mentioned above but if its a bit hard on your time and preparations, just make sure you go with natural remedies twice or thrice a month. There are tonnes of methods over the internet for clearer skin, anti-aging, radiant skin or so. Try them sometimes in a month.

A good and healthy skin doesn't need expensive products but a good regime. The steps mentioned above should be followed for a healthy skin. Besides, this make sure you're drinking enough water. Drinking a minimum of 8 glasses of water a day is not  just beneficial to your skin but also to your overall health.

How to Invite Friends to like your Facebook page?

Scenario: While in Facebook, you're about to market your page that is linked to your profile. You go to that page, but find some difference. You feel like it was just there the last time you opened it but can't find it now. Is that because you amended something on your page, or because the Facebook authorities have updated it 'coz they may be reviewing their marketing plan. Then you began to search the web for any solution to the problem you're facing. You get the solution but just get stuck on something. Yes, this is what happened to me. My post is to help you all bloggers and online marketers of Facebook who may face this kind of minor problem while managing your page through your profile.

Actually, I just created a Facebook page for my jewelry products and just couldn't locate the "Invite Friends" option in my profile which was otherwise there previously. My solution searches stated that I should be logged in to my personal page; and I did that. But no success. After numerous efforts, I just saw it there and just couldn't curse my ignorance enough. Sometimes you just can't help yourself. Well, if you're going through the same then let me help you on this.

How to Invite Friends to like your Facebook page?
1. First remember that you have to be logged in to your personal page as you're inviting friends from your list.
2. You should be on the homepage of your profile.
3. Locate the page you want to send invitations for, on the left of your page, i.e. usually where your preference pages are listed.
If your page is listed as preference site like mine, then it should be listed on the top left. However not, then it would still be on the left but may be somewhere below.
4. Open the page.
5. From the admin panel of the page go to "Invite Friends" and that will open a pop-up of your friends list. From their you can manually invited your Facebook friends to like the page.
Well, my blogging field is way different that what I'm writing about above. This is just for all of you who may be having a similar problem like the one I figured out. I hope this post helped you!

DIY Jewellery Making Day!

Threw myself in my desk for a day, 'coz lazy girl had to be productive today. :P After long, sat in my workshop to get these pretty creations out of me.

Jewelleries are always pretty and alluring for ladies of all ages. With the DIYs all over the web, no once could help but actually create some for their own. Plus, it can also prove to be a great gift. And if you  are really good at it and want to sore new heights with jewellery making, it can also be a good source of income. For that you should want to be creative enough and dedicate extra time and money for it.

The techniques come with studies and practice, but designs come with playfulness. Playfulness with beads, with strings. And I love to play with them. If you too feel the same, then follow my beading success to learn more about beads and jewelries.

P.S. I'm now hopeful that I would stop being lazy and strive  towards chasing my dream. Oh, how I love jewelleries..... and enjoy jewellery making..

Knit plus crochet scarf with beads

I just finished knitting a scarf that I made as a gift for someone. It was a long time after I had my hands on, on knitting. May be after 6 years or so, I don't remember exactly anyways but yeah, after a very long gap. Well, my first knitting project for scarf so far. I had to face a major problem for this. The scarf began to curl on the edges. OMG! It was horrible. It was already 5 or 6 inches long and I had no idea how it can be undone. Well, found a solution at last and I could go on with my project without returning back. That was quite a relief! I will post the details later in another post. For now, here is the scarf that I've made.

Well, this includes knitting, crocheting around the edge and also on the hanging part of the scarf. I made a loop to make a tie-down kind of scarf. Also I put some beads on bangs. I think it looks cute. What's your opinion on this?

Cracked eyeshadow? Work on it in just 2 simple steps..

I know that it's every girls' problem. One cracked eye shadow can mess up your whole make up kit; and then your bag, your drawer, or just everywhere you put that thing on. I just had to deal with such one. I used to have a whole messy bag because of it. Whenever I tried to put any of the eye shadows, my fingers would get so messy and end up staining it everywhere. Though I knew I could fix it, I was really lazy regarding the steps and things needed. You know like alcohol, something to press them with and again you smash it with something and blah blah.. Well, had to do it anyways..
The lazy me wanted to try without smashing in into the powder. And voila! it was all good in few minutes. So, THE CONCLUSION-
1. JUST SPRAY SOME ALCOHOL(but don't make it too damp) AND 

Simple crochet bracelet

I'm a kind of person who loves to wear something around the wrist, and wanted to make something for my own since long. Eventually, I saw the tutorial of a crochet bracelet and tried to make it right away. I already knew how to  crochet, and all I needed was a crochet lace yarn and a needed for it. And there it came; a simple, yet pretty bracelet!

Tools:        A crochet needle. (I used no.7 as it is the only one I have right now.)
Materials: A black crochet lace yarn. (I doubled the strings to give it a bolder look.)
                   A button for the clasp
                   Few beads
Follow the link for a detailed tutorial. The beads part is my own addition. Simply put a bead on each crochet point. Push the bead downward so that it won't look that shabby; plus, it also gives a nice petal effect.

~~One day.....~~

Pinterest! How do u find it gals? Wonderland- isn't it? For me, yes!
Well I was just going through pinterest and this idea suddenly stuck my mind as what I want to do 3 years from now. Of course not that big ideas, but those small wants and desires you've always accumulated within, or should I say, accumulated in Pinterest! No wonder pinterest has given us, or say at least most like me, a wing to fly on and dream on. And no wonder my pinterest is like a dreamland for me. With years and years passing I've assembled so much pins and I hope those are not just going in vain. They are there because I've planned things as such. Some desires, some wants, some experiments! Thank you pinterest for giving these! And well now, out of my pinterest list I'm just sorting out my most desirables that I want to achieve 3 years from now. Hope it matches with you people as well. 

My dream home!

D.I.Y.s! and lots and lots of it!
Home decor DIYs!

Personal Accessory DIYs

A tattoo preferably on my shoulders or neck area

A vacation to an island

I want to wear a sexy gown
Want all of these.. $$$! :P

Going short!
I'm here referring to cutting my hair short. This is a dare to do thing for me as I'm not that kind of person that could look good in just anything. Having a small face I often fear whatever I'm going to do to my hair would be so unflattering.
Considering these cuts!

Beach photo shoot like a model.. ;>
Wow! I so fancy it. I mean like going to a beautiful island and wearing those soft toned lacy dresses and getting your photo taken. Isn't it every girls fantasy? Yea, you don't have to have looks like a model but just a little bit of confidence and a good photographer is enough I guess. :P 

Kiss in the pouring rain...hmm going high!
It should be with the love of my life though. Every time I think about this one my heart starts to pound and flutter and all those stuffs. Isn't is simply wow guys? On that note, kissing under water also seem to be quite an adventure, isn't it?

When I look back to this post 3 years later, hope I have had fulfilled most of them.

Easy phone case DIY

Here's a really easy DIY, to customize your old phone case for a new dashy look.
Whether you don't want to spend bucks in an expensive phone case rather than a plain one, or your present case is going through its late phase ;), you can simply give it a new look that's unique and stylish and can be called your own.
Here's what you need and how to do it.

What you need-
A phone case of course (old or simple, or both)
A  nail polish or two

How to do-
Simply paint the phone case on the outside. You may need to do two coats. 
 For mine, I painted 2 coats of pink and then finally 1 coat of shimmery silver.  And tadaah! the look it gave was quite appreciative. It felt like i got a new case with almost no cost.
The base coat I used was a little think so it didn't give a smooth finish though. But it proved a good design anyways. Isn't my phone shining as heaven? ;)

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